Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

A few weeks before moving to Chicago, Watson, my college roommate, sent me a post by one of her favorite bloggers, Pretty and Fun, of places to visit around Lincoln Park. We took the list to be our own personal summer adventure checklist. Sunday was sunny and beautiful so we decided to check out two of the recommendations: The Bourgeois Pig and Oz Park. 

The Bourgeois Pig is a brownstone-turned-coffee shop on Fullerton that is known for their stellar lattes. The inside is spectacularly french and homey feeling and the food was amazing. However, the service was terrible. I told the man at the counter I wanted half an East of Eden and he told me they don't do half orders of salads. East of Eden is a sandwich. Awkward. 

My favorite part of the restaurant was that most of the items on the menu are named after famous novels (The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, The Catch in the Rye, A Tale of Two Turkeys). I, however, got the originally named hummus plate but what the name lacks in creativity, the homemade hummus makes up for in eye-rolling, finger-licking deliciousness. 

After lunch we wandered over to Oz Park and spent time laying around in the sun gossiping about work, Game of Thrones and Chris Evans (that's what you all talk about with your friends too, right?).

If you get lost, just follow the yellow (gray) brick (concrete) road! 

I'm pretty sure Oz Park just became my favorite spot in the city. 

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