Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brew and View

 About a month into our freshman year of college Watson and I both lost interest in dorm parties with cheap beer and obnoxious people. It was also around this time we realized our dream careers would be somehow working with movies. So, dorm parties were traded in for long movie binging nights with ridiculous amounts of take out. Yes, our friendship is based off of movies. 

Fast-forward, I don't want to think about how many years later, when I heard about Brew and View at The Vic, I almost broke my phone out of excitement, texting Watson that I found the most perfect spot for us that would make our freshman year selves happy and our current, early-twenty year old selves happy. 

Here's the breakdown:
Double/triple features of old/released a while ago movies for $5 + Alcohol = Boozy movie night! 

Watson lives outside the city and had to catch a train home so we only got to stay for one movie, Godzilla

 Which we then reenacted for the people on the street

We will definitely be going back to the Vic and, if you live in Chicago, you should definitely make a trip. It's super inexpensive and can fill up a few hours or a whole night, your choice! 
Oh, and if you're wondering how Godzilla was, all you need to know is that in his own movie, he's pretty much a secondary role and he has (as Wikipedia describes it) atomic breath (basically it looks like he breaths blue fire). On the plus side, I haven't laughed this loud in a long time.  

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