Monday, July 21, 2014

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

This past week was one of very little sleep, coffee jitters, long hours at work and to-do lists that got longer each day instead of shorter. The weekend could not have come fast enough and I decided I deserved a treat for getting through the week (and having to do it all again come Monday). What did I treat myself with you may ask? Cookie ice cream sandwich! Easy to make, perfect for summer and healthy. Yes, you read that right, the dreaded H word. 

Here's what you need:
1 Cup of rolled, dry oats
2 bananas  

Take one banana, cut it into coins and put the coins in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. (Don't worry, we'll come back to them later)

Put your oats in a food processor and blend them until it has the consistency of flour. 

Mash your second ripe banana into the oats using your hands. 

Make four cookies - place them on a tray and bake for 13-15 minutes at 350 F. 

Scoop them out onto a plate and let them cool. For best results use an ironman spatula. 

Take your frozen banana coins out of the freezer (told you we'd get back to those) and put them in your food processor. You can do plain banana or add other ingredients. I really like banana, peanut butter and cinnamon.  
Blend until the consistency is creamy. 

Scoop the ice cream out onto your cookie and enjoy! 

The perfect treat for the end of a long work week and, I'm guessing, the perfect cure for the "Ugh Monday" blues. 

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