Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

Once we got into July, I asked everyone I could what were some fun things to do on the fourth. Everyone told me, "the beach". That's not even exaggerating. I actually did not get a single other alternative. Just: "go to the beach". So, I stayed in. Just kidding. You should probably know by now I never say no to the beach.  

"I'm cold and I just want fireworks" face. In case you couldn't tell.  

The beach was fantastic (obviously) and a great place to people watch but it turns out there really wasn't a bad spot to watch fireworks. All over the city people were competing with Navy Pier for the best firework show. Everywhere you turned someone was setting them off and if you got bored with one, you just shifted a little to watch a different one. 

A fantastic night celebrating America (and a bit of Summer Shandy - so good, right!). 

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