Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekend Snaps

I headed home for the first time this weekend since moving to Chicago. To say I was excited to be home and see everyone is a total understatement and, while I didn't do any real blogging while there, I have a phone full of snaps that I thought I'd share. 

When does it become unacceptable to hoard up laundry when you know you're going home or am I the only one who does this still?

"How much laundry can you have? Are you ever going to cuddle with me?"

Yes. Yes I am. 

Girls night dinner to kick start the weekend, twinkle lights and all. 

Food art  . . . that I demolished

Saturday morning began by teaching Mufasa about Instagram.

Followed by a manicure. 

 Then right in to a little cooking and baking for my wonderful, quick witted, well-read, Sherlockian Grandpa's birthday.

Once a stud, always a stud. 

Sunday was a lazy day of hanging around, running errands, and, yes, more cuddles. 

My last night was spent with a family dinner where I got to see these little weirdos 

 While I love Chicago, nothing beats escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and coming home to relax and spend time with your favorite people. 

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