Monday, August 4, 2014

Heritage Bicycle Shop

One of the biggest things I was looking forward to when moving to Chicago were all the eclectic shops and restaurants that you find in a big city. I love hole-in-the-wall boutiques and diners with elvis clocks and irish sayings all over the walls. So, when I heard about a bicycle shop that also was a cafe, well, you know how the roadrunner tends to just be a cloud of dust down a long road? That was me. 

The place itself is as eclectic and cozy as you can imagine but I was disappointed. The sandwiches were pre-made, sitting in a fridge. Same with the soup. The coffee was good but really overpriced and the sweets were not as earth shattering as they looked.  

We left Heritage disappointed but loving the warm sunny day so we headed over to the Lincoln Park Zoo to wander around a bit.  

While Heritage is a cool place to see, I wouldn't go there again. The Lincoln Park Zoo on the other had never fails to disappoint. 

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