Monday, September 22, 2014

Bad Day Cure

Friday was an awful day. You know those days where you need to stop  what you're doing and go outside because you think you'll explode if you don't? It was one of those. Nothing at work was making sense and the stress of everything that comes with moving was all around me. I skipped the bus and walked home, grabbed a box of cereal and crawled into bed. What's the best cure for a rotten Friday (why is having a bad day on Friday much worse than having a bad day any other day of the week?) . . . old movies!

Audrey Hepburn (my very favorite actress ever) is an intellectual book store clerk that takes a job as a model. Fred Astaire is her photographer. It has everything you could ever want - Hepburn, Astaire, Paris, singing, dancing, and amazing clothes. 

Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan  are forced to go on an adventure together. Despite lots of sarcasm and squabbling, they fall in love and get married. To return back into the US, Grant has to pretend to be a female war bride. Honestly, I couldn't get into this one and turned it off to try something else . . .

I'm a little late getting into Mad Men but better late than never, yeah? The show is about the advertising age in New York in the 1960's. Lot's of drama, scandal and the beautiful Jon Hamm. 

Sunday morning I woke up early, made some banana pancakes and figured, why stop Netflix binging now?

The song "The Bells of Saint Mary's" is a really important one for me but I've never actually seen the film.  Clarence from, my favorite movie, It's a Wonderful Life, Bing Crosby as a priest and Ingrid Bergman as a nun. It's brilliant. 


My very favorite thing I watched this weekend though wasn't a popular TV show or an old time classic, it was this video on Youtube of Emma Watson's speech on gender equality at the UN Headquarters. Her speech aligned with all of my beliefs completely and her address was elegant, classy, articulate and she said what, in my opinion, what really needed to be said. Go on, give it a watch: link

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