Thursday, September 4, 2014

Morning Glory

I went home this past holiday weekend (yes, again). 
Last time I went home, I got to the gate 15 minutes before the train was set to leave and they wouldn't let me through even though passengers were still boarding. Determined to not let this happen again, I left work on Thursday right at 5:00 rushing down Michigan Avenue with my bulging duffle bag and work tote trying to find a cab to get me to the train station on time to catch my 6:00 train. I got to the station only to find the line to board leading out of the room, down the hallway and into another room. Whatever, I thought, at least I made it. I boarded the train, excited to get home, see my family, eat lots of good food, tell them all about my new job and have all the dog-time I could ask for. 
30 minutes outside of the station the train stops to let another train use our tracks. We waited for an hour. Eventually, it started up again and was going for about 2 hours when it stopped again because there was "debris" on the tracks (come to find out later the train ahead of mine hit a car. . . "debris"). Smushed in the train with a bunch of grumpy people in my stiff work clothes with the air conditioning blasting, we waited another 2 hours. I didn't get to the station until 3:00 AM and then didn't get to bed until about 4:45. 
What's the point of this story? I just wanted you to realize how absolutely, desperately I needed caffeine Friday morning. I gave my mom sleepy, puppy dog eyes and we slowly made our way, dragging our tired feet to my favorite coffee shop back home.

This whole wall is covered in photos of elephants which has absolutely no part to play in why it's my favorite . . . 

The weekend made up for the awful ride home but honestly, am I the only one who has bad luck train traveling? I'm always next to the chatty person or the sneezer, I haven't been on an "on-time" train, I get really cold and if I fall asleep I always do something like bump my head on the wall or drop all my stuff to wake me up. Is it just me or are trains just the worst?

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