Friday, September 12, 2014

Outfit of the Week

Last time I uploaded an outfit pic post, the wonderful Hollie from Fancykins left me a comment about rushing out of the house in the morning, tired and realizing halfway into town you're wearing the same outfit twice. Her comment made me actually laugh out loud because, even though I may look put together in these pictures, what you don't see is the chaotic rush that happens every morning. Each morning I wake up, read a bit in bed, make breakfast, dress, do my makeup, get my lunch ready and walk to the bus stop. Seems normal, right? Even though I wake up over an hour before I need to make my bus, somehow I always find myself at 5 minutes before I have to leave, still in my pajamas and glasses with no makeup. I quite literally, run around my apartment eating oatmeal as fast as I can while getting dressed then brushing my teeth with one hand and putting my shoes on with the other (losing my balance and falling over is a daily occurrence). I ram everything into my bag and speed walk/run to the bus stop only to arrive just in time for the upcoming bus but out of breath or just in time to watch it drive away and stand around waiting for the next one. 
For me, dressing well is how I wake up. It means it's time to stop being lazy and to be a real person. If I could wear pajamas to work, I don't think I'd ever make it out the door. 
Anyways, here's what I wore this week:

Anyone else having a hard time dressing for this changing weather? I feel like no matter what I choose to layer, I'm always too hot or too cold. 

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