Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outfit Of The Week

I know I normally post outfit pictures on Fridays but I have a new recipe that I'm dying to post which means a short and simple Thursday outfit post will have to do! So, even though this post is a bit early, I'll try to make amends. Sorry, that pun was threadful. I'm done, I promise, these really attire me out. 

Weekend Wander Outfit (yes, my glasses are real. Would you believe how often people ask if I wear them as a statement piece?):
 Monday Meeting With The Boss:
 It's been beautiful this week and thanks to the awful torture that is shin splints, I can't run but will that keep me locked inside? Ha! I laugh in the face of staying indoors (danger)! See what I did there?
 My most fall outfit so far (ignore my spring coat):

If you have a good outfit pun that I didn't think of, please, please, please share it! The worse they are, the funnier I find them. 

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