Friday, September 5, 2014

Outfits Of The Week

Have you ever had that blinding moment of realization when it occurs to you that you've officially become you mom? I had mine about 3 years ago when I was studying abroad in Rome. While there, I traded in my cowboy boots and oversized t-shirts for pumps, pencil skirts and chic black dresses. I remember someone asking me why I dressed like that and my response was something along the lines of it's just as easy to dress well as it is to dress like a slob. It was at that moment that I realized I had become my mom. See, my mom has worked in fashion her whole life. In fact, I believe the only thing she loves more than style is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and golden retriever puppies (well, can you blame her?). Now that I'm working, I take each day as a style challenge and what better way to stick to it then to plan a blog post about it. 

Work looks:

 Which then transitioned into a going out look: 
 Weekend Looks:

I guess there are worse things to inherit from parents than a desire to wear nice clothes and to never forget that essential third piece, right mom?

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