Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pizzeria Uno

My very first weekend of college I was going to a party with all the girls in my hall when I got introduced to a friend of a friend. Honestly, I thought she was weird because instead of going to the event with the girls in her own hall, she was going with mine. About a month later, we were spending virtually every weekend together ordering enough take out for a small army and watching every Disney movie ever made. By junior and senior year we were living together drinking wine, having study-break-dance-parties and laughing way too loud. After graduation she got a job in the city and I moved here. Thanks to clashing schedules the last time I saw her we were reenacting Godzilla having polite, philosophical conversations about life. Needless to say I've been missing her something fierce. To make up for way too much lost time we met half-way between our respective work places for a lunch date to gossip about work, moving, friends and boys.

 You can find Pizzeria Uno downtown on Wabash. Just a heads up, Pizzeria Due (which is also on Wabash) is owned by the same people but is a different restaurant. Not that we, full functioning adults, made that mistake). I only had a salad but, honestly, it was nothing to rave about but, then again, when you're with good friends, who cares?

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