Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Having a Relationship With My Pizza

Chicago is known for Navy Pier,  the Willis Tower, the Mag Mile, the Bean, Lakeshore Drive but none of those are my favorite place in the city. Last year I heard about a new Italian shop opening in the loop. I made a trip to the city a few weeks later and instantly fell in love with everything about it from the atmosphere to the wine to the food. Nothing fills the nostalgia void of Italy for me quite like Eataly

You walk through the doors and are surrounded by a marketplace of fresh fruits and veggies. Most people like to explore the downstairs as soon as they walk in. Me, I rush right up the escalator to La Piazza, the center of the second floor (oh yes, there are two floors), and grab a nice big glass of wine.

Then take a nice stroll around and take a look at all the delicious food on display while you sip on your wine. 

The floor is divided into different food sections - meet, cheese, noodles, fish, bread and so on. There's an area for cappuccino and a separate beer garden room. 

You can eat at any of these places but I highly recommend La Pizza La Pasta. Word of advice, if it's busy when you visit, give the hostess your name before you take a good wander around or go at an obscure time of the day so you can avoid the wait altogether.  

I'll be honest with you, I've never had the pasta because the pizza is that good. It reminds me of the fresh out-of-the-oven pizza I had in Naples. 

Once you've licked every last crumb off your plate (yes, it's THAT good), head back downstairs. 

Pass by the fruits and veggies, you're on a mission here  . . . 

and grab some gelato! 

If ice cream isn't your thing then head to the station right next to it . . . the Nutella stand! 

In the US there are only two Eataly locations - NY and Chicago. If you're in either of those places, I can't reccommend a trip enough. If you're not, well then you should take a trip and visit. Do I need to show you that pizza picture again?

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