Monday, October 13, 2014

"The Blues Tells A Story"

This past week, my parents came for a nice long visit. It was the first time they really visited me since I moved here and I couldn't have been more excited to show them around. For the most part we stayed away from the typical touristy spots, however, there were a few exceptions. Maybe I haven't lived here long enough to find some of these places not cool but then again, I really don't think I'll never not love the House Of Blues. 

I'll be honest with you, I haven't always loved Chicago. I never disliked it but I haven't always loved it. My love affair with it was a slow process and I really don't think I fell head over heels until I actually moved here. I first realized there was something special with the city about 2 years ago when me and a few friends spent a Sunday here, wandering around. One of my friends insisted that we make our way over to the HOB. She promised we wouldn't be disappointed. I wasn't. Now when I think back to that trip when Chicago started becoming a place I thought about, HOB sticks out in my memory and for that reason alone, I will always drag people there to see it. 

I've never actually eaten there. So, with my parents in tow, I figured now was the time to try it out. 

The food is good but the atmosphere is what you come for. We got to sit back and listen to a bluesy rock band jam out while sipping on drinks and looking at the wals and ceilings covered in music paraphernalia. 

It may be a prime tourist spot but it's definitely worth the visit. It'll make you fall in love with this city. Promise. 

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