Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where's The Fire?

Why, hello there. Long time no see. It feels like ages since I've sat down and blogged. The last two weeks I worked long hours and moved apartments only to have that settle down in time for my parents to come to town for a week! It's been non-stop, I've loved every second of it but, honestly, I'm taking the weekend to hunker down in bed and do some serious Netflix binging. The best part of being busy though. . .I have lots of stories to share! The only question is where to start . . . how about this past Saturday. If you live in Chi-Town, you'll know that this weekend there was suppose to be a memorial event to the Great Chicago Fire. There were houses on boats all along the river and once the sun was down they were going to go up in flames. People were lined up all along the boardwalk to watch the event. I, however, got to enjoy the view cozied up inside with a nice big glass of wine. 

After pushing our dinner reservations back and watching pontoons and kayakers paddle up and down the river for 45 minutes, we ditched our view and went to dinner. Come to find out, the houses never were lit. I never found out why though. 
We bundled up, it was insanely cold this weekend, and headed over to Viand, in the Streeterville neighborhood on the Magnificent Mile.

Beer cheese fondue 

Tomato basil soup with an herb crouton  

Build your own natural burger 

Caesar salad 

 Handcut french fries

Viand is located in a Courtyard Marriot and, while the food was good, it's very much a hotel restaurant. I did save the best part of it for last though . . . they give you crayons! I'm sure they have them there for kids but my mom and I pounced on them right away. No dinner is complete without an intense game of tic-tac-toe, am I right?

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