Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blue Man Group

Once a month, at my old job, everyone would get together for an office meeting. Throughout the month we would write compliments about those we worked with and then at these meetings there would be drawings and prizes. In July, my name was drawn and I won 2 tickets to The Blue Man Group. As soon as I got back to my desk, I was on the phone with my mom planning a trip so we could go see it together. 

I refuse to give you any spoilers about the show but I will give you a little look inside the theater. 

I would recommend getting there early, grabbing a drink and having a look around. Be sure not to walk in late to the show. A spotlight will be placed on you and everyone will stare at you as you're ridiculed. 

Fair warning about the show: 
The first few rows they give you a poncho because there is a good chance you most likely will get splattered with paint.
It's an interactive show so just know there is a chance that you may get pulled onstage. 
Even if you sit in the back, you still will get a chance to be covered in confetti and paper. 

I honestly can't recommend the show enough. You can get your tickets here:
Just promise me you will break out your best dance moves. Oh yes, you read that correctly. 

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