Monday, November 24, 2014

Michigan Avenue Lights Festival

This weekend was the first holiday weekend of the season. While some have told me I start celebrating the holidays too early (there is no such thing, by the way), the way I see it, if Michigan Avenue is ready to start celebrating, then we all should be too! What better way to kick off the holidays than with twinkle lights? A whole mile of twinkle lights to be exact. 
For 50 years, Michigan Avenue has been covers itself in twinkle lights to kick off the holiday season. 

 Soon strobe lights slowly made their way down the street and everyone jumped up on tiptoes, whipping out their phones, knowing what was happening next. 

All of a sudden there was Mickey and Minnie (oh yes, I may have freaked out just a little at this point) counting down. The lights burst on and the crowd went crazy.  

 With the street ablaze with twinkle lights, the parade continued rolling by. 

 Once the lights were on, we decided to skip the rest of the parade in favor of a few cocktails to really kick the holiday season off in style. Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a martini now does it? 

If you're wondering where these cocktails are from (and, by the way, they're even more delicious than they look), they are from Flemings. Located downtown on Ohio, they have my very favorite happy hour specials. Pop in when you're doing your Christmas shopping. Trust me, you'll become a regular in no time. 

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