Monday, November 3, 2014

Month on Instagram - October

Can we take a second and talk about how it's November already? November! Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks and then it's Christmas time! October was such an insane month. Fantastic but insane. I feel like I'm finally settling into my life here. The summer was great but full of uncertainty then I've been figuring out a routine these last two months with my new apartment and job. I feel like I kind of lost my mojo. November it is my goal to settle down into my Chicago life. I've come to terms with my permanent residence. I even signed a 12 month contract to join a gym! Nothing says permanent like a gym membership. Does that make anyone else think about the Friends episode when the boys try to quit the gym. Tangent. Anyway, here's what October looked like:

Officially soup weather

Fall on the Mag Mile

Sparkling city

In Blues We Trust

3 years since Rome . . . nothing's changed


Irish beer and Star Wars puns. Watson knows the way to my heart

Putting the last touches together on my new apartment

Throwback for someone's birthday

Roman shoes (aka the best shoes)

Why order 1 when you can order 3?

Autumnal Loop wandering

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