Friday, November 14, 2014

Pops For Champagne

Happy Friday! If you're week was anything like mine, I bet you could use a good drink once 5:00 rolls around (or 4:30, I won't tell, promise). If you're downtown and looking for a spot to unwind with the girls, do I have the place for you! It's by far the girliest bar I've ever been too and I absolutely loved it! 

Pops for Champagne is right downtown on State street. Oversized lights hang from the ceiling, tables are pressed up against the window, there are framed pieces of french art hanging on the walls and oversized champagne bottles in the corners. The bar is circular and the televisions above the bar air fashion shows and videos of fireplaces. Does it get more girly than that?

 It's such a fun environment to gossip and chat with the girls. Oh, and if I didn't sell you enough with the fashion shows on television (in a bar! I still can't get over how fabulous that is), the Embassy Suites across the street put up a big Christmas tree and twinkle lights last night. Grab a seat in the window and sip on some bubbly. Go on, you deserve it! It's Friday!

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