Monday, November 10, 2014

SOFA Exhibit

You know what may be my favorite thing about being a working girl? Work perks. I got asked last week if I had any interest in attending an art exhibit on Navy Pier. Like that was even a question. You may have seen the banners up and down Michigan Avenue the past few weeks for SOFA. Are you picturing an exhibit full of big comfy couches? No? Yeah, me either. Ahem, anyways, SOFA is actually sculpture objects functional art. The exhibit runs every fall and focuses on three-dimensional art and design. There are about 80 dealers, special exhibits and lecture series. 

The hall was full of chairs made entirely out of cardboard next to jewelry made of rock and glass orbs sitting on pillows. The art was not really my taste but it's always interesting to see the cleverness of people and what they think to create. 

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