Friday, April 10, 2015

Gym. Tan. Laundry. Weddings.

March ended with an event I've been part of planning for over a year - Lauren's wedding. She's the first of my friends to get married and it was a surreal event. Early Friday morning, I gave a big hug to my little wolf, grabbed a coffee and hopped on a plane to New Jersey.

Once I got to Lauren's house, I realized I didn't have my wallet. After hours of phone calls, reporting my lost item and canceling my credit cards, the airline called and said they had it and were shipping it home. By then, it was time to rush off to the rehearsal so, sadly, I don't have any photos until that night when the bridesmaids had our own little night before the wedding celebration.

 The next morning we headed over to the Inn and started the hours long process of hair and makeup - after indulging on many cups of coffee and bagels . . . and obviously more champagne. 

Seeing as I was walletless, the girls tag-teamed to tackle my hair. 

I tried to convince them they should open their own shop. 

Finally, it was time for the future Mrs. 

Being fashionably late, we rushed out to the limo to head to the church (and have one more glass of champagne).  

The ceremony was beautiful and once pictures were over there was nothing standing in our way of the open bar and dance floor. 

I thought it would be weird having one of my friends get married but it ended up being a fabulous party. We had so much fun dancing the night away and I couldn't have asked for a more fun bridal group to have spent the weekend with. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Union Sushi

A few months ago, I went out for drinks with some girls from work. The bar we wanted was closed, the restaurant we ducked into after was packed so with growling stomachs, we headed into Union Sushi. I was told this was some of the best sushi in the city and they couldn't have been more right. 

The inside of the restaurant looks just like the epitome of a city, soho sushi restaurant. 

The cocktails are absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend each getting a different one and sharing as you hear the L rumble by next door and gossip over edamame.

I love the mushroom rolls. The combination of crunchy fried mushrooms, creamy avocado and rice is fabulous. 

After my first trip a few months ago, it's become a staple. They have a great happy hour and sushi you don't typically tend to find in run-of-the-mill sushi restaurants. Give them a try:

Monday, April 6, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

This year was my first St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. Last year, I came the Sunday after and saw the river but this year I wanted to see the full celebrations. 

I followed the large pack of green people downtown, over the river and over to Grant Park.  

Watson and I got there a few minutes before the parade started and were immediately engulfed in a sea of youths. 

In true millennial fashion, no one cared about the parade, just what snaps they could get. 

After about 10 minutes, our faces were stuck like this and we left for a strong drink and our favorite food.

The sushi was nothing special so I won't bother linking to the website but the drink was fabulous. Citrus liqueur, Malibu and club soda on the rocks. The perfect light drink with lots of flavor. 

Not your typical St. Paddy's day but hey, there was plenty of green wasabi so that's true to the celebratory spirit. 
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