Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Union Sushi

A few months ago, I went out for drinks with some girls from work. The bar we wanted was closed, the restaurant we ducked into after was packed so with growling stomachs, we headed into Union Sushi. I was told this was some of the best sushi in the city and they couldn't have been more right. 

The inside of the restaurant looks just like the epitome of a city, soho sushi restaurant. 

The cocktails are absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend each getting a different one and sharing as you hear the L rumble by next door and gossip over edamame.

I love the mushroom rolls. The combination of crunchy fried mushrooms, creamy avocado and rice is fabulous. 

After my first trip a few months ago, it's become a staple. They have a great happy hour and sushi you don't typically tend to find in run-of-the-mill sushi restaurants. Give them a try:

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